Timmyís Fare Thee Well Campaign

Hello, and welcome to Timmyís Fare Thee Well Campaign

also known as Unicorn Poop for Rose Marie Headquarters!

As you may know, Rose Marie has had an unwelcome guest, a tumor unaffectionately known as Timmy, in her right lung for the past several years, which has caused a host of pain and associated health issues. A few years ago, this tumor was inoperable. Now, her doctors have determined that it may indeed be possible to eradicate this little bitch known as Timmy.

Rose Marie explains Timmy the Tumor:

Timmy the tumor is a benign nerve tumor. A Schwannoma is a benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor. Itís made from Schwann cells that produce the insulating myelin sheath covering the peripheral nerves. The tumor cells always stay on the outside of the nerve, but the tumor itself may either push the nerve aside and/or up against a bony structure (thereby possibly causing damage). Itís my understanding from the several CAT scans that ďTimmy the TumorĒ has encapsulated itself around nerve bundles. Iíve had this tumor for five years now. These types of tumors are rarely malignant.

The surgery will take place in Seattle on March 25th. Apart from their 20% of the no-doubt exorbitant bill for Timmyís adieu, there will be a number of out of pocket costs, including fuel, ferry costs, hotel stay, etc. While Rose Marie will be treated to the hospitalís sumptuous fare, poor Don will have to fend for himself, so letís include some food costs so the poor man can eat too, eh?

Our hope is that we can, at the very least, ameliorate some of the immediate costs. Any additional funds we can raise will go toward the highway robbery hospital bill.

Many may feel that what they can afford to pitch is not enough to help. This is not true. Iíve conducted numerous fund raisers in which Iíve personally seen the massive effect of many people pitching in even just $5. Trust me when I tell you, everything counts. If all you can afford is enough to buy poor Don a sammich, it will be appreciated and it will help. Letís help Rose Marie and Don!

All funds go directly to Rose Marie.